Frog Street Pre-K

     Our  award winning program and curriculum integrates instruction across developmental domains and early learning disciplines. 

The cornerstones of the program are:  *an extensive integration of nine themes, disciplines and domains *special attention to social-emotional development  *many levels and support of differential instruction *joyful and fun approach to learning

     Children are actively involved in thoughtful discussions and immersed in robust vocabulary. Literacy and math lessons are offered daily.

Lessons are short, theme-related and filled with hands-on applications and meaningful context. They follow a continuum that ensures all children build foundation skills before they are expected to master more complex and challenging skills and concepts. Lessons spiral so that each time children return to a lesson concept or skill, they are able to expand their understanding.

     Frog Street Pre-K program and Stepping Stone are dedicated to the concept that all children can learn when instruction stimulates curiosity, nurtures the child's interest, is delivered with joy, and is tailored to challenge each child to the edge of his or her competency. Many children are reading by the end of their Pre-K year.

      Enrichments that are available to all Stepping Stone School students as part of their daily learning:

*Sign Language

*Music conducted by a certified Music Teacher

*Brain Gym®

*Montessori Math

*Library Time 

Pre-K Teachers

We believe that our teachers must be experts in preschool care. Therefore, we are dedicated to continuous training and growth. The mission for our students is to inspire them to become life long learners. Consequently, each of our educators also makes this commitment.

Miss Lynda

Pre-K Teacher

[email protected]

Lynda Williams has a bachelors in Elementary Education and been teaching at Stepping Stone for 18 of her 36 years as a teacher.  She was awarded the TAEYC Teacher of the Year, Pre-K Division, in 2002; Tyler Area Golden Apple Teacher Award in 2007 & 2008; and the Frogstreet Press Teacher of the Year in 2010.

Miss Ivonda

Pre-K Teacher

[email protected]

Ivonda Williams has her bachelors degree in Education & Sociology.  She holds a lifetime Texas Educator Certificate in the following areas: Special Education PK-12; Elementary Self-Contained 1st-8th grade; and Educational Paraprofessional Aide III.

She has been teaching at Stepping Stone for several years.

Miss Chelsey

Chelsey Zedlitz has her CDA, and has 6 years of childcare experience. She is very passionate about teaching, and delivers her students with new and fun experiences daily, allowing them to actively absorb the world through their senses.